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On meeting cool photograpers


So I’m attending this lecture series at the Julia Dean photo workshops that are hosted by Aline Smithson. On Thursday night I got to meet another extremely cool photographer Melanie Pullen. She’s achieved a good deal of notice in the photography world with her High Fashion Crime Scenes photographs. I had seen her work here and there before, but never really paid much attention to it until last night. Well it was just great to hear her tell the stories of how she came up on the idea for the series and then all the crazy, brazen things that she did in order to get her shoots done.

I’m sure that a lot of you other photographers out there have run into problems with people trying to prevent you from photographing whatever it is you might be interested in (I’ve certainly been hassled a lot). Well Melanie has on so many occasions just managed to talk her way through whatever obstacles were placed in front of her, whether it was policemen, highly agitated subway train conductors or just obstinant people with a chip on their shoulders. She’s done things like convince someone that her tripod, wasn’t really a tripod, but a “unipod” or some such thing that wasn’t explicitly disallowed by whatever set of made up rules this person was trying to enforce. The point of all this is that maybe we shouldn’t be so ready to pack up and go home just because some worry wart has nothing better to do than bother you for doing something that causes no one any harm at all.

Getting to hear from other photographers about what has worked for them (and also what hasn’t) is a worthwhile experience. There were several others in this lecture series that were also great to hear from: