The Death Wish – Conclusion

The Death Wish – Conclusion

After being so angry and distraught with the state of American culture as it relates to gun violence I’m at a bit of a crossroads. I myself am a gun owner. I’ve always enjoyed shooting and have been doing so for the past 35 years. I own several handguns and rifles. One of the rifles that I own is an AR-15 which is the same type of assault rifle used in the Sandy Hook shootings last week. The AR-15 type rifle is an amazing firearm. It is relatively light, very accurate and you can easily carry more ammunition than the older .30-06 or 7.62mm cartridges used in previous U.S. battle rifles. If I had the choice of only one gun to go into a fight with, it would be this type of weapon. It is my best and most favorite of all my guns.


I say this because I am making America a little bit less safe by having one. How do I know that I will never permanently or more likely temporarily lose my mind? How can I say with absolute certainty that my rifle will never be used to commit a murder? Three years ago my house was burglarized and two of my handguns were stolen. There is a possibility that they could have been used in the commision of a crime. Even though my guns are stored in a disassembled state or under lock and key that is not enough. If the gun exists there is a chance that it can be used improperly. I know that this is true, I’ve seen it happen. Even good people, normal people, kind people can temporarily go out of their minds with rage.

When I was a teenager I had an older friend. This man was loved by everyone in our family. He was kind, funny and warm. I have fond memories of the two of us driving all over town. Talking and laughing, just getting through the lazy days of summer. He met a girl, who was just beautiful, and I guess he fell for her pretty hard. After having been together for a while something went wrong in the relationship and she started seeing someone else. Eventually my friend found out that she was stepping out on him and he lost his mind. He shot and killed his girlfriend and her lover. Two days later after seeing us one last time the police caught up to him and he took his own life right there in the street. I’m here to tell you, that not everyone who commits murder is evil. I honestly doubt that Lanza was evil, it appears to me that the boy was deranged. The likes of Timothy McVeigh, Hitler and Bin Laden are Evil. But sometimes regular people just snap for some reason. Other times people are sick for some time and become increasingly unstable to the point that they do something like Lanza or Cho did. I honestly don’t know which column to put Klebold and Harris into. Laughner (who shot Gabby Giffords) was completely certifiable. The point is that you cannot predict future mental stability, your own or anyone else’s for that matter.

There is no way to make all of the guns in America disappear. But it is completely within our legal, constitutional and moral capacity to remove the types of guns that make it easier to kill so many people so quickly. We can ban these types of assault rifles. How many times in the past 10 years has someone had to defend their home during a sustained assault from multiple aggressors where an assault rifle was required? Can someone please point me to an example where someone defended themselves in a way that could only have been achieved with an assault rifle as opposed to a deer hunting rifle or a shotgun? Bolt action rifles, shotguns and revolvers all hold from 1 – 8 rounds of ammunition before requiring a reload. Now that I think about it I’m really curious to know what percentage of attacks continued after the victim fired his first shot in self-defense? Just about every time I’ve seen a news or youtube video where the victim shoots back the assailant usually winds up running away or dead. The one exception I can think of is where someone went into a police station and started shooting. That was undoubtedly an outlier since he attacked people he knew were armed. Sustained gun fights that don’t involve the police seem to be very rare. This seems to make sense because criminals are attacking people whom they believe are at a significant disadvantage.

I don’t believe for a second that a general solution to this problem is arming more people. The problem that I’m primarily focused on here is that of the intersection of mental instability and firearms. We cannot legislate away mental deficiencies. What we can do is remove the most devastatingly lethal weapons that can kill so many so quickly when these mental breakdowns occur. Pointing out the fact that people will still go on crazy rampages is not a valid argument against removing the deadliest of weapons. Would you rather deal with a rampaging maniac armed with an AR-15 and four 30 round magazines, or one that has a knife?

The semi-automatic firearm with large capacity magazines is not required for self-defense. They are OVERKILL and put us all at risk when they fall into the wrong hands.

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