The Death Wish – Continued

The Death Wish – Continued

Realistically there is no way for us to make all of the guns go away. Even if I could snap my fingers and make it so, that would be frowned upon pretty heavily by those of us that actually need firearms for things like hunting. So many people seem to give up and say that the problem is too tough, it is unsolvable. We can’t get rid of the supposedly 300 million guns here in America. That sure sounds like a defeatist attitude to me. The problem is hard so I’m gonna stick my head in the sand and pretend that nothing is wrong? This is a fight to protect ourselves, our families our children, our society.

We cannot make this problem go away overnight. But we can start making changes today in order to make America safer for tomorrow. We just need to put a little brain power into it, maybe be a bit less paranoid, less selfish and begin taking the small steps forward toward making our country a safer place to be. Bin Laden and Al Qaeda killed around 3000 of us 11 years ago. We murdered something like 3 times as many of ourselves that same year. Here are a few of my ideas on what can be done to reduce the number of firearms and their little death wish projectiles.

  1. When you think about it guns don’t kill people, bullets do. I don’t know how many people were pistol whipped to death last year but I’m guessing that the number was pretty small. I propose making bullets very difficult to come by. Outlawing all bullets probably would violate the 2nd Amendment. So can we tax them, or tax the components required to make a bullet? How about putting a $100 tax on the brass casing required for every bullet? 10 bullets would cost over $1000. In order to make this reasonable for hunters we could maybe limit these taxes to the types of bullets used in semi-auto type rifles and handguns.
  2. Declare it illegal to have bullets of any type on school property. While we’re at it make it so that they are illegal in places where people gather, movie theaters (Aurora), hospitals (Alabama), shopping malls (Oregon), Universities (Virgina) etc. In order to enforce this we should be able to require by law that bullets are made with an easy to detect substance (maybe some kind of uncommon low grade radioactive material). Allowing us to install bullet detectors in our protected spaces. Alarms would go off when people crossed the boundary with the contrabanded munitions. Schools could immediately go on lockdown and the police could be notified to roll out immediately. There would be mandatory jail time for violating these laws.
  3. The constitution says we have a right to bear arms. Changing the constitution is really really hard to do. Many of those who are pro gun are also of the same ilk that go on about being literal constitutionalists. Ok fine, lets get literal here. The second amendment says that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. It doesn’t say anything about how many arms one needs to bear and it doesn’t say what type of arms shall not be infringed. Why can’t we limit the number of guns a person can own to 1. Somehow it is constitutional to declare fully automatic weapons and rocket propelled grenades as being illegal. Why can’t the same ban be put in place for assault rifles and semi-automatic handguns? While I’m being literal why don’t we make it so that the only legal guns, are the ones that were legal at the time that the constitution was written. Flintlocks and black powder only! Revolutionary Americans fought off the British with flintlocks. Lewis & Clark walked all the way to the Pacific Ocean and back with flintlocks and they had to go through territory much more dangerous than we deal with in todays world.

If there are fewer guns there are going to be fewer murders. The measures I’ve outlined above don’t make any attempt at taking guns that people already own. Passing legislation requiring people to relinquish the guns that they already have would be very difficult and enforcing it would probably result in even more violence. I haven’t come up with a reasonable way of removing guns that already exist. Maybe the best we can hope for is a campaign shaming/guilting people into giving up their guns. Regardless, reducing the growth rate of these death wish enablers would be a positive in my opinion.

How about some sort of public service campaign similar to what we’ve seen with anti-smoking, anti-drug, anti-drunk driving ads over the past several decades. If we can raise the collective consciousness and make everyone aware of the dangers that so many firearms present, people would eventually get the picture. The anti-smoking campaigns were very successful. Smoking was so much more common when I was a kid than it is now.

Yesterday I had to have a discussion with my kids about what to do should they ever find themselves in a situation like we saw at Sandy Hook Elementary. It is absurd that I felt it necessary to tell my kids, “that no matter what, you can’t just lay on the floor and let some man shoot you to death. If there is a shooter in the room and there is nowhere to run, that you must fight”! Yesterday I showed my 13 year old and my 15 year old how to mortally wound someone with a pencil. I explained that they must remain un-panicked and aware of their surroundings. I taught them how to form a barricade at a classroom door with all tables and desks in the room. As I was explaining these things I was thinking in the back of my head, what has this world come to?

My thoughts on school safety.

  1. All classroom doors should open inwards toward the classroom. This would allow for more effective barricades.
  2. All classroom doors should have deadbolt locks on them, operated by keys. There should be only one master key held with in a safe. It should be required by law that the teacher and assistant in each room carries the key to the inner deadbolt on their person throughout the day. The outer deadbolt should only be opened by the key in the safe. A shooter wouldn’t be able to take the key from one teacher and use it to open a door to any other locked classroom since the teachers keys would only operate the deadbolt from the inside.
  3. All windows in classrooms would need the safety wire and have blinds or curtains on the inside.
  4. Teachers should be trained in how to hide, barricade and protect their students.

It’s late and time for bed again. I will finish up with my conclusion tomorrow.

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